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Softworks "What We Do" Video - Over 116,000 Views!

Posted by Eimear McCarthy on Thu, Aug 25, 2016

WOW - Our "What We Do" video has had over 116,000 views!

We are practically movie stars 🌟🏆🌟. We're Tickled Pink - Thank you all for watching :)

If you want to hear our story and you are not one of the 116,000 + people who have already watched our video, grab a cuppa and enjoy the show (well a two minute snoop around our offices!)


It's a quick and fun way to find out more about what we do here at Softworks.

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Getting Over the Hump of "Hump Day"

Posted by Eimear McCarthy on Wed, Aug 24, 2016


It's Wednesday, and we all know what that means. While you might have breezed through Monday and Tuesday, somehow Wednesday just seems to be the day that goes by a little slower. Over the last few years, Wednesday has been rebranded as "Hump Day". We can all relate to "Hump Day Wednesdays" as it seems to be the general consensus that come this midweek point, we all could use a pick me up. 

For many people Wednesday combines the issues of Monday and Tuesday along with the prospect that Friday evening is still pretty far off. Below are 5 tips to help make hump day a little easier:

1. Try and get the hardest jobs completed before Wednesday, if possible

Typically on Mondays, we make a mental list of to-dos for the week ahead. As the week progresses, we tend to push the most dreaded tasks back. By the time Wednesday comes around, you realise you have to get it done but time is quickly running out. Instead, get these tasks done as early in the week as possible. This way, you won’t be spending the rest of the week worrying about it and can have a stress free "Hump Day".

 2. Change your scenery

With flexible working, you can enjoy an extended 2 hour lunch break and what better day to take advantage of this then on "Hump Day". Do something different to make your Wednesday more fun. Meet friends for lunch, get some errands done and dusted or simply relax and enjoy your time outside of the office. You could also spend your long lunch catching up on your favourite TV show or get pampered, I wouldn't say no to a mani-pedi on a Wednesday :)

3. Work it out, literally

Hit the gym before or after work on a Wednesday. With flexible working, you could even fit in a gym class or workout during your long lunch break. This will make you feel better and give you more energy so it is worth doing. Plus, you will have burned some calories so don’t feel guilty about grabbing a little hump day snack to keep you going.

4. Have something to look forward to

Make plans with family or friends for a Wednesday evening so you have something fun to look forward to after work or get planning for the weekend. If your company has a social club, take 30 minutes on a Wednesday to think of some exciting suggestions and plan the next one for a Wednesday evening to help "Hump Day" go by faster. At Softworks, we have a social club and there are always fun things happening. We took a trip to Bruges for a weekend, attended Shelbourne Park Greyhound Stadium for dinner and a race night, went to Tayto Park and visited Johnnie Foxes – for all of our customers in the UK, Canada and U.S., this is one of Ireland’s oldest, most famous and highest pubs in the country. There is always something fun and exciting to look forward to at Softworks :)  

5. Be positive

Don't think of Wednesday as being a negative day. Instead, be positive and treat it just like any other day of the week. If you dread "Hump Day" then it becomes a weekly thing, as another Wednesday will come around and you will be faced with the same problem. If you learn to utilise your time efficiently, follow our tips and find the motivation to continue working, you will fly through "Hump Day".

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Reducing Carbon Footprint with Softworks Time & Attendance Software

Posted by Eimear McCarthy on Mon, Aug 15, 2016


When you think about time and attendance software, you probably think of a software system which is designed to increase time efficiency, reduce costs, maximise profit and also increase security and productivity. Well you are correct, however there is another level that you may not have thought about – Reducing carbon footprint. We spend a lot of time at work so it’s important to bring greener habits from home into the workplace.

Paperless systems, remote staff management and much more efficient use of working hours can all help your company to reduce carbon footprint. Going green can have a huge impact on the environment and taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint plays an essential role in preserving our planet. One of the best ways for companies to become greener is to implement and promote less paper wastage. Softworks time and attendance system will help your employees and company on the way to becoming more environmentally friendly.

Our time and attendance software system is one great leap into less paper wastage for your company. By simply automating your system, you can eliminate the waste that is associated with throwing out paper time cards and time sheets every week. Printed reports, wage documentation and manual shift rosters all add up the amount of paper that your company uses every week. There are other ways you and your organisation can help reduce your carbon footprint in the workplace:

  • Install recycling bins
  • Use laptops instead of computers
  • Power off electronics at night
  • Look in to alternative transport - cycling, car-pooling, public transport
  • Introduce flexible working so employees can avoid rush hour traffic & work from home
  • Think before you print!

Not only will a time and attendance system help reduce your carbon footprint, it will also provide the following benefits:

  • Cut costs
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Put an end to buddy punching, absenteeism, tardiness, time abuse and overpayment
  • Reduce errors
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Develop a stronger company culture
  • Create reliable accuracy
  • Decrease burden on one person or department
  • Make for easier scheduling and compliance
  • Promote a better work-life balance

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Check out our free guide for some advice and tips to help you select a Time and Attendance system.

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The Softworks Way Facebook Competition

Posted by Eimear McCarthy on Thu, Aug 4, 2016

We are delighted to introduce Softworks Customer Experience Initiative - The Softworks Way. Although this initiative has been in place for sometime now, we have seen such great success we wanted to run a fun competition on Facebook.

You will see the four images of our Customer Experience Initiative below.


One of them is hiding on our website and we need your help to find them.

To Enter Simply:

Like our Facebook page.
Share the post.
• Write on the post which page on our website the image is hiding.

The lucky winner will be choosen at random on Monday, August 8 and will win the following lovely Wine, Cheese & Crackers Gift Set.


Best of luck everyone :) 

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How Softworks Have Aided the Hospitality Sector

Posted by Eimear McCarthy on Tue, Aug 2, 2016


Today’s Integrated Workforce Management (WFM) Solutions including Time & Attendance, eRostering/ Scheduling and Absence Management give hotels the tools and processes they need to balance the high cost of labour, tight budgets, variable staffing needs and complex labour laws without putting customer loyalty, service, compliance, employee satisfaction, or profitability at risk

If hotels are to meet current challenges they must eliminate inefficiencies and more accurately roster employees. Today’s integrated WFM solutions can build a bridge between the operational and the strategic elements of the business.

This transformation of workforce management allows businesses, to reduce unnecessary costs and payments, improve productivity and efficiency and ensure a consistent and superior customer experience. Armed with the latest workforce management technology, meeting these challenges is 100% attainable.

The Softworks Hospitality Solution is an easy to use solution that empowers hotel operators to:

  • Understand and react to revenue patterns in their business by managing labour costs.
  • Allocate resources where and when they are needed though innovative automated tools.
  • Allow Heads of Department to work within predefined budget allocations and optimise schedules accordingly.
  • Keep a close eye on overtime, absenteeism and other unplanned costs.

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Download our free white paper: How to Control Workforce Costs in your Hotel Without Sacrificing Service Levels and our case study on Druids Glen Hotel & Golf Resort.

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Don’t forget to watch our two minute video - we have over 109,000 views :) 

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Support Specialist Position

Posted by Eimear McCarthy on Wed, Jul 27, 2016


Softworks helps companies streamline processes, increase productivity and reduce costs through improved management, scheduling and utilisation of labour resources. Softworks offer reliable, proven easy to use, intuitive solutions for Time and AttendanceLabour Scheduling and Absence Management allowing both private and public organisations to better ensure compliance, reduce errors, eliminate redundancies and improve reporting – while promoting a safe, positive working environment for all employees. Softworks has offices in IrelandUK and Canada

Due to our continued success and expansion of the company, Softworks requires an energetic self-motivated Support Specialist. This is a great opportunity to join a dynamic and expanding company.

 Duties and Responsibilities Include:

  • Effectively manage large amounts of incoming technical queries via telephone, e-mail and the web
  • Identifying, evaluating and prioritising customer support queries whilst formulating plans of action
  • Utilising all technical resources to assist customer requests
  • Demonstrating and promoting superior customer service in handling enquiries
  • Working with departmental staff to promote, develop, and maintain strong customer service values
  • Identify and assess customers’ needs to achieve satisfaction
  • Build sustainable relationships through open communication
  • Handle complaints, provide appropriate solutions and alternatives within the time limits and follow up to ensure resolution
  • Follow communication procedures, guidelines and policies
  • Provide support to internal customers
  • Go the extra mile to engage customers
  • Additional tasks as required

Skills and Experience:

  • Proven Support experience a distinct advantage
  • Analytical approach to problem solving, decision making and an interest in IT
  • Ability to work alone or as part of as Team
  • Fluency in the English language
  • Excellent Oral, Written and Communication skills
  • Good numeracy and literacy skills
  • Track record of over-achieving
  • Strong phone contact handling skills and active listening
  • Familiarity with CRM systems and practices
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritise, and manage time effectively

Further Information:

  • Location – This position is based in Softworks Head Office in Bray, Co Wicklow
  • Salary – Dependant on experience
  • Terms – Permanent Full-time
  • Fixed Evening Hours – 14:30 – 22:30 (this can vary depending on business needs)

Career Development:

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to grow their skills and responsibilities with the company. Opportunities for promotion are good; a background in Support is valued for most career opportunities within Softworks as it provides a solid backbone of knowledge and experience. Support Specialists with a flair for teamwork, communication and IT often end up becoming Project Managers, IT Specialists or Developers.

For further information visit us at


To apply for this position email your CV to or post to Support Position, Human Resources Department, Softworks, 111 Main Street, Bray, Co Wicklow.

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Don’t forget to watch our two minute video - we have over 106,000 views :) 

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How Softworks Have Aided the Manufacturing Industry

Posted by Eimear McCarthy on Mon, Jul 25, 2016


At Softworks we understand the unique operational challenges faced by the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing companies today are using Workforce Management Solutions to more efficiently manage and optimise workforce planning, scheduling and modelling, facilitate flexible working options, respond to legislative compliance and best practice obligations, and manage planned and unplanned absences.

Designed to address the manufacturing industries’ latest and varied operational requirements, Softworks Time & Attendance, Rostering and Dashboards, together with our suite of Workforce Scheduling solutions provide a completely automated manufacturing workforce environment with proactive, event driven, actionable alerts and full reporting facilities as standard.

With our Payroll Integration, you can reduce the amount of manual adjustments required. We easily manage complex pay rules such as shift premiums, overtime and exceptions. You will be delighted to learn that staff who have no access to computers, can now view their holidays/leave requests on the clocking terminals.

Softworks have been working with manufacturers, just like you, for over twenty five years. We can assist you to:

  • Reduce operating costs by making optimal use of existing workforce and minimising the need for overtime and temporary labour.
  • Optimise workforce rostering and deployment by aligning labour resources with production demand.
  • Take control of employee absences and manages holidays, time in lieu and sickness more efficiently.
  • Improve productivity and quality by making informed real time decisions based on actual activity data.
  • Increase payroll accuracy by automating the flow of information from time and attendance to payroll.
  • Effortlessly adhere to health and safety legislation and union agreements.

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To learn more about Softworks Manufacturing Solutions, download our free Aughinish-Alumina case study & our white paper How Advances in Workforce Management Technology can meet the Manufacturing Sector’s Business Challenges.

If you are not one of the 106,000 people who have already watched our video, grab a cuppa and enjoy the show (well a two minute snoop around our offices!).

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Softworks LinkedIn Group: Learn How to Successfully Manage a Time and Attendance Project

Posted by Eimear McCarthy on Thu, Jul 21, 2016


What easier way to get updates from Softworks then by joining our LinkedIn group: Learn How to Successfully Manage a Time and Attendance Project. LinkedIn Groups are a great way for professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to share content, ask questions, find answers, view jobs, make business contacts, and establish themselves as industry experts.

What will you benefit from joining our group?

  • You will widen your network because LinkedIn considers members of a common group your 2nd degree connections.
  • You can start relevant discussions.
  • You can comment on discussions.

Join our LinkedIn Group

Download the following free Time and Attendance white papers:

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Don’t forget to watch our two minute video - we have over 105,000 views :) 

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When it’s Hot, Be Flexible

Posted by Eimear McCarthy on Tue, Jul 19, 2016


Some people enjoy working when it’s hot. Some don’t. But with the summer temperatures soaring in Ireland this week, who wouldn’t love to have the option to start and finish work early. In the winter we complain about struggling to get out of bed in the morning and we feel like we do nothing but work and sleep, as it is too dark and cold to do much else. Here at Softworks, we have flexitime so in the winter I arrive to work closer to 10am as the mornings are so dark and cold. However, when it comes to the summer, I love my 8am starts as I can head off early and make the most of the sunny evenings.

Today is set to be the hottest day of the year so far. Seeing as we are not used to this weather in Ireland, everyone wants to embrace the heat and we don’t blame them. What better way to do this then with flexible working?

  • Start work early and make the most of being up and about in the heat
  • If you are lucky enough to start work between 8am and 10am, park your car further from work or get off the Luas/Dart a stop early and enjoy a morning stroll in the sun
  • Enjoy a longer break and work on your tan :) 
  • Finish before 5pm and take advantage of the sun making an appearance (It might not be around for long)
  • Spend extra time with family and friends after work – loads more to do when the sun is out
  • Get more vitamin D – One of the easiest, and not to mention free, ways to be on your way to your daily dose is to just get out in the sun!

Benefits of Flexible Working:

  • Improved job satisfaction, morale, and productivity
  • Increased customer loyalty and customer satisfaction due to lower staff turnover
  • Higher productivity
  • Happier employees
  • Reduced level of absenteeism
  • Remove or reduce overtime
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Automate holiday requests
  • Improved balance of work and family life

So, if you are lucky enough to have flexible working in your organisation, make use of it, especially today. Remember, there are a lot of people who would love to make the most of the sunshine and unfortunately, they don’t have the opportunity!

If you do not currently offer your employees flexitime, contact us today for a free demo, you’d be amazed at the differences it could make to your employees work, mood and lives.

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Maxamise Family Time with Flexible Working This Summer

Posted by Robert Doherty Bigara on Thu, Jul 14, 2016


“At this time of year, many parents like myself are thinking about school holidays and quality family time. But whatever the school holidays and regardless of what holiday deals we find, the reality is that there is no statutory right to have these days off, even with children.

If we would normally work on those days, then any time off needs to be booked in the usual way. Even then our options are limited to annual leave or maybe parental leave. Both can be refused, though our employers would of course allow us to take the leave at another time.”

That may have been the case 5 years ago but now thanks to the significant growth of flexible working, cloud computing and improved connectivity we can now adapt our way of working whilst still being committed to our careers.

What is Flexible Working?

Flexible Working’ describes a type of working arrangement which gives a degree of flexibility on how long, where, when and at what times employees work.

Flexible working practices include:

Term-time working: a worker remains on a permanent contract but can take paid/unpaid leave during school holidays.

Job-sharing: a form of part-time working where two (or occasionally more) people share the responsibility for a job between them.

Flexitime: allows employees to choose, within certain set limits, when to begin and end work.

Compressed hours: compressed working weeks (or fortnights) don't necessarily involve a reduction in total hours or any extension in individual choice over which hours are worked. The central feature is reallocation of work into fewer and longer blocks during the week.

Annual hours: the total number of hours to be worked over the year is fixed but there is variation over the year in the length of the working day and week. Employees may or may not have an element of choice over working patterns.

Mobile working/teleworking: this permits employees to work all or part of their working week at a location remote from the employer's workplace.

We can now use this flexibility to get that quality family time, go on our dream holidays or even drive home before rush hour to enjoy a family dinner, all whilst still being committed to our employers.

We use flexible working here at Softworks which has had a huge positive impact on my and my families lives. Here are some of the ways in which I benefit from flexible working:

Save money: By removing the necessity to commute, whether by train or car I save each day I work from home. Not to mention the money I save by making my own lunch and coffee (rather than buying).

Spending more time with my family: I found working in an office would mean leaving home before my children woke up and returning after they had been put to bed. I actually spent more time with my colleagues than my family! But through flexible working I’m able to work longer hours and still be there to put my children to bed – Priceless!

I’m the boss: I can optimize my working hours meeting (and exceeding) the demands of Softworks whilst still having time for my own. Early or late meetings with clients no longer effect my personal time.

Less stress: Commuting, traffic jams, packed trains and hours in front of a computer - Not fun or good for my health. By taking control of my time it has reduced the need for me to cram everything into office hours. Short breaks, travel outside of rush hour and eating a good healthy breakfast are all benefits of flexible working

I’m saving the planet: As a father of two I take reducing my carbon footprint seriously. Cutting out the commute might not seem like a lot but it can only have a positive impact knowing I’m doing my bit to save the planet.

Flexible working is a benefit to both employee’s and employers. People spend hours travelling to work, meetings, conferences, and spend huge sums of money on fuel or public transport. Some of the UK's most forward thinking companies have committed to flexible working after finding that 'agility' in staff hours and locations can cut workforce costs by as much as 13%. Don't business owners have more important things to spend their time and money on?

At Softworks we are committed to flexible working and we can assist you and your company to implement and easily manage flexible working hours and family friendly policies. 

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