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Absenteeism costing €1.5bn each year to Irish Businesses - IBEC

Posted by Triona Cahalane on Thu, Aug 25, 2011

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The latest IBEC Report has found that on average, employees have missed 5.98 days from work which is an absence rate of 2.58%. A total of 11 million days have been lost as a result of absenteeism with the cost running to approximately €818 per employee.

As anticipated, the level of absenteeism was highest in larger organisations with minor illness cited as the main culprit for short term absenteeism in both men & women.  

In terms of industry, call centres recorded the highest absence rate while software firms had the lowest rate.

According to IBEC's Brendan Butler, the recession appears to have led to a reduced level of absenteeism, but the issue affects the wider economy through loss of potential output and the increased spending on social security.

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