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A Career in Payroll

Posted by Mairead Walsh on Wed, Sep 14, 2011



IPASS smallSoftworks was delighted to sponsor National Payroll Week this month.  For over 20 years, Softworks has had the pleasure of working directly with payroll professionals in implementing Time & Attendance projects.  

Up until a few years ago the job of a payroll person was very poorly recognised and no formal qualifications were available in the subject. Now, however there is the Irish Payroll Association (IPASS) with payroll qualifications, that are HETAC recognised, provided in 30 centres around the country. Employers always need qualified payroll personnel to ensure that the work is done properly to keep both the employees and the Revenue happy. 

If you or anyone you know is interested in a formal qualification in payroll check out the excellent courses from the Irish Payroll Association (IPASS). Courses commence on Monday the 19th September at centres throughout Ireland. 

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