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GPs set to lose power over long-term sick leave in the UK

Posted by Triona Cahalane on Thu, Nov 24, 2011

Absence & Sick Pay TrackingThe sickness absence review was published in the UK this week, the first time politicians had commissioned the help of the private sector to sort out the sick leave issue in Britain in the hope of saving £13 billion from the benefits bill.

There were a number of recommendations included in the report but one of the more interesting ones was the introduction of an independent panel who would sign off workers on long-term sick leave. This would eliminate the need for GP’s to sign off those on long term sick leave.

Another finding was that Individuals on long-term leave should be matched with more suitable jobs, rather than be left fall out of work and in term have to claim benefit.

There is also a proposal to change employment law in order to allow companies to dismiss workers on long-term sick leave without the risk of being sued by negotiating a one-off cash settlement.

Welfare reform minister Lord Freud said: "We just don't get adequate help for people early enough when they need it and what we are creating in there is an incubator for lifelong idleness for far too many people."

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