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Employees admit 'regrettable behaviour' at Office Christmas Party

Posted by Triona Cahalane on Tue, Dec 13, 2011

Office Christmas Parties have traditionally been a great way to thank employees and celebrate company achievements but can also be a breeding ground for employer liability.   

Christmas PartyIn a recent survey of 3,699 employees by Monster, it was found that one in 10 employees admits to having done something either extremely regrettable at their Office Christmas Party and have been fired due to the incident (4%) or have acted in a way that was somewhat regrettable and damaged their career/reputation (5%).

At the same time 63% have never done anything regrettable at an office party.

UK respondents were the biggest culprits with 9% admitting that they had acted in a way that was extremely regrettable and were fired as a result, followed by respondents in Finland (7%) and The Netherlands (6%).

Meanwhile, 15% of all European respondents answered that they have done something mildly regrettable which caused embarrassment for a few days, followed by Canada (12%) and the US (10%).

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