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Employee work/life balance ranked top health issue

Posted by Triona Cahalane on Tue, Jan 10, 2012

The search for a good work/life balance has been ranked the top health issue plaguing UK workers, a survey reveals.

work/life balance

The top health issue afflicting UK workers is the need for an appropriate work/life balance, according to recent research by the Industry Body – Group Risk Development (GRID). The research highlights that employees are more worried about the absence of a good work/life balance (21%) than stress and/or mental health issues (19%) – conditions that are currently cited as the most common causes of workplace absence.

Promisingly, almost one in four employers surveyed saying that they plan to take steps to improve staff work/life balance in 2012 and noted it as a ‘top priority’. However, in comparison, 27% said actively managing workplace stress was a ‘key goal’

"A strong work/life balance is often overlooked as a major health issue to businesses, compared to more direct factors such as dealing with chronic conditions," said Katharine Moxham, a 

"But, the economic situation seems to have provided a timely reminder for businesses to take action to rectify unsustainable working practice.spokesperson for GRiD. 

"In times of increased economic pressure it is particularly important for employers to consider the impact a long hours culture can have on the wellbeing of their employees and to develop strategies for dealing with the fall out such as, for example, increased stress related absence."

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