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Swiss workers vote against extra two weeks of holidays

Posted by Triona Cahalane on Tue, Mar 13, 2012

Swiss voters recently rejected a proposal to increase their annual minimum paid holiday entitlement from four to six weeks after companies warned it might hurt competitiveness and threaten jobs

Swiss WorkersSwiss Trade union, Travail Suisse put forward the initiative in which it was argued that four weeks’ holidays was insufficient due to rising employee stress and health problems.

Initial polling figures showed that the proposal has been rejected by 67% of voters. Travail Suisse union said the referendum had taken place at a bad time due to economic concerns surrounding the euro zone crisis. “For many voters, it was understandable that current concerns about their own jobs took precedence over the long-term welfare of people and Swiss business,” it said. “With their fear-mongering campaign, the opponents of the initiative played with the uncertainty of workers.”

The main employers' association, which had lobbied hard against the proposal, welcomed the result. "The 'no' to the holiday initiative means above all a 'yes' to the maintenance of the competitiveness of Swiss companies and the securing of jobs," it said in a statement.

"Adoption of the initiative would have pushed up already high labour costs in Switzerland and burdened business with additional costs of CHF6bn (€4.3bn) a year."

 So what do you think? Would you have rejected an extra two weeks of holiday?

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