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Does your company offer flexible working options?

Posted by Mairead Walsh on Wed, Apr 18, 2012

On 8 February 2012, telecoms firm O2 asked their entire UK head office to work away from the office for the day. The initiative resulted in an extra 1,000 hours worked by staff, according to figures released by O2. Flexible working offers a range of advantages to both employers and employees.

With more and more private companies realising the tangible benefits of flexible working including; better retention rates, reduced costs and improved productivity, this could well be the perfect time for your organisation to introduce flexible options.

For further information and a practical guide on how to successfully introduce flexible working into your organisation download our new paper - Introducing Flexible Working Into your organisation. Flexible Working


In this practical guide you will learn

  1. What to consider before implementing a flexible working environment
  2. The types of flexible working schemes 
  3. The benefits of flexitime to the employer and employee including case studies
  4. Practical Steps for implementing flexitime







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