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Free Guide:Why Finance Directors are getting involved in Workforce Management

Posted by Mairead Walsh on Tue, Apr 24, 2012

The area of Time & Attendance, Labour Scheduling and Absence Management (Workforce Management - WFM) has undergone significant change in recent years. Some of this change has come about due to advances in technology, and some due to the way modern businesses operate, compete and utilise labour resources. This free guide explains the changing role of the CFO/ Finance Director and how Workforce Management Solutions can assist them as efficiency driver, strategic partner, forecaster and corporate governance expert.

In this paperFinance Directors in WFM

  • We demonstrate how the active involvement of the CFO/FD in Workforce Management projects can provide a framework, to ensure that the objectives of both the Finance department and the organisation are achieved.
  • We investigate how modern Workforce Management solutions, are driving business performance and profitability, by striking a balance, between the needs of the business and the needs of the employee.
  • We reveal why today’s CFO’s/FDs have recognised both the importance and the benefits of taking an active role in Workforce Management Projects.


Topics: Workforce Solutions, Labour Scheduling, Absenteeism, Accountants