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50% of all employees are not aware of their company’s HR policies

Posted by Triona Cahalane on Mon, Jun 11, 2012

According to the findings of a recent survey, almost 50% of all employees are not aware of their company’s HR policy. A company HR policy is an established list of guidelines to support personnel functions, employee relations and resource planning. It’s important for all staff to be aware of these procedures.  

The findings come from a recent poll conducted by office provider – Business Environment - of 1000 workers. The survey also found that only 43% were aware of their company structure and approximately 23% were aware of their firm’s corporate social responsibility policy

The results highlight that a more memorable way of communicating HR policy information is vital in ensuring that new recruits remember the information and are aware of the policies. HR Management is a most for companies in ensuring that all staff are up to date on company hr policies.   

“Given the importance of clear published codes, we were surprised by how low the awareness of HR guidelines was amongst UK office workers,” said David Saul, managing director of Business Environment.

“Information such as company structure and HR policy is often imparted as part of the induction process, so it is especially disheartening that the information is only retained by a minority of people.”

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