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From The Boxing Ring to the Boardroom…

Posted by Mairead Walsh on Wed, Aug 15, 2012

Softworks Irish staff was treated to a bird’s eye view of Katie Taylor's return to Ireland this week with her coveted Olympic gold medal. Softworks head office is based in the seaside town of Bray and Katie is a well-known local and extremely popular celebrity. There was huge excitement here during the Olympics and we were delighted to view her return from our office balcony, where she gave us our very own wave – Thanks Katie!

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So what’s next for Katie? She is undoubtedly at the top of her boxing game and we also know that she is a very talented soccer player, but has she considered the board room? According to a new paper from Ernst & Young, Sport is leading the way in improving gender equality in business by challenging sexist stereotypes.

The white paper, High achievers: recognizing the power of women to spur business and economic growth, focuses on the foundation that women have established in sports; the impact they are now making in all segments of business and society; and the work that remains. It also examines the anticipated impact of women as the largest emerging market in the world, with women’s global incomes growing from US$13 trillion to US$18 trillion in the next five years – that incremental US$5 trillion is almost twice the growth in GDP expected from China and India combined.

Beth Brooke, Global Vice Chair of Public Policy at Ernst & Young, comments: “How can we harness the immense potential of women for the improvement of society and the economy? Supporting their participation in sports and education, leading initiatives that increase their presence in senior leadership and on corporate boards, and helping them to start and grow their companies, are a few ways to level the playing field.

“As we celebrate this year’s Games and athletes, and look toward the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, we must continue to foster the growth of one of the world’s most promising emerging markets: women.” You can get more information about this report here

Whatever you decide to do next Katie, we have no doubt you will have continued success and from all at Softworks we wish you well.

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