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Up to 50% of UK firms unsure how to tackle long-term sickness

Posted by Triona Cahalane on Thu, Aug 30, 2012
Absence Management

The Aviva absence management report has identified that long-term sickness absence is an issue for almost half of all UK businesses and there is huge concern over their ability to manage this absence.

Top concerns include placing additional responsibility on other workers (40%), reduced productivity (27%), lost revenue (22%) and diminished service standards (21%). Also, 17% said that when staff are out of work on long-term absence, other staff members are also more likely to call in sick.

For the 53% of organisations who described themselves as well equipped to deal with absence, their top methods used included encouraging staff to have a better work-life balance (37%), offered private medical insurance (22%) or group income protection (13%) and also offering training to spot the signs of stress (20%).

Steve Bridger, at Aviva UK Health, said: “Sickness absence not only has a knock on effect to other employees, but adds to the business concerns of employers as a whole. While it is encouraging that employers are implementing preventative measures to help them control the effects of sickness absence, take-up of one of the most effective solutions - group income protection - is still relatively low.”

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