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How today's most successful Retailers are using WFM Technology

Posted by Mairead Walsh on Wed, Sep 5, 2012

Managers in the Retail Industry are constantly faced with the administrative nightmare of compiling large complicated rosters & schedules whilst dealing with the inconvenience of staff not showing up for work, not to mention the headaches for payroll staff that have to deal with a variety of complicated pay rules and shifts based on employee contract and or start date. The Softworks Retail Solution helps to automate workforce management processes, eliminating the paper-based schedules and excel spreadsheets along with time consuming administrative tasks 

Modern integrated workforce management solutions (WFM)  give retailers the tools and processes they need to balance the high cost of labour, tight budgets, variable staffing needs and complex labour laws without putting customer loyalty, compliance, employee satisfaction, or profitability at risk. 

We have published a new paper based on our experience working with leading retailers - How advances in workforce management technology can meet the retail sector's business challenges. You are very welcome to download this free paper.

 Retail Paper

In this paper we examine how Workforce Management Solutions are:

  1. Driving retailers business performance and competitiveness.
  2. Assisting retailers with business challenges such as: determining employee supply, employee scheduling and satisfying budget requirements & constraints while still delivering high levels of customer satisfaction.
  3. Benefitting retailers in relation to branding, customer experience and the recruitment and retention of key employees
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