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Webinar: How Presentation College Carlow are benefiting from Softworks Student Attendance Solution

Posted by Triona Cahalane on Wed, Nov 28, 2012

Wednesday 12th December 2012 - 2.30 pm

Ray MurrayStudent attendance tracking is a vital aspect of every school’s administration, which can often become a time consuming, repetitive job, lending itself to inaccuracies. The Softworks attendance solution removes the need for manual paper registration, thus decreasing the administrative burden on staff and allowing resources to be better spent elsewhere, ultimately leading to a more cost effective and productive operation.  Join Mary Doyle (Softworks) and Ray Murray (Presentation College Carlow) for an informative and interactive webinar on; How Presentation College Carlow are benefiting from Softworks Attendance Solution.

In this free 45 minute webinar you will learn more about;

  • How Presentation College Carlow successfully implemented the system, including tips and advice in relation to installation and deployment.
  • The benefits of the solution to Presentation College Carlow including; saving time and reducing the work required in collecting, analysing and reporting on student attendance, increased accuracies, proactive automated communications and reduced truancy.
  • Latest technological developments in student attendance solutions including data capture methods, cloud solutions and ePortal interface. 

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