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How do you rate your work-life balance?

Posted by Triona Cahalane on Fri, Jan 25, 2013

Finding the right balance between work and life is a challenge for all employees. A recent report from the Paris based Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has surveyed employees in 34 countries around the world in relation to work-life balance.

Work-life Balance

The research highlights that workers spend between one-tenth and one-fifth of their time on unpaid work with men likely to spend more hours in paid work and the women in unpaid domestic work.

Also interesting was the amount of time a person spends at work. In Greece, 12% of workers say they spend too much time with their families while 7% of Austrians complain that they don't spend enough time at work

One of the main reasons the Irish do well on the index is that less than 4% put in more than 50 hours a week at work, compared to Turkey’s 40% but Ireland are still behind Netherlands and Sweden who both only have 0.001% of their respective populations regularly working over 50 hours a week

Where Ireland fall down is when it comes to leisure and personal care. The average person in the OECD devotes 62% of the day, or 14.8 hours, to personal care (eating, sleeping) and leisure (socialising with friends and family, hobbies, games, computer and television use). In Ireland, this is 14.56 which is below average with the best country being Belgium as they have an average of 16.61 hour. 

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