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Why you don't need a sledgehammer to crack a nut!

Posted by Mairead Walsh on Tue, Mar 19, 2013

Softworks Andrew Ferguson Presents at The Retail Business Technology Expo 2013

Andrew Ferguson

Softworks CEO, Andrew Ferguson was chosen to take part in the Pecha Kucha seminars at the Retail Business Technology Expo 2013 that took place in London last week.  Presenters have just 20 slides, and 20 seconds per slide to get their message across – and that means they get straight to the point – with no waffle. Not unlike speed dating for businesses! Great fun and the perfect solution for retailers starved of time but with an appetite for information, advice, tactics and tips on how to succeed in these challenging times.  


Andrew’s presentation, “Workforce Management Solutions - Why you don’t need a sledgehammer to crack a nut!” was a hugely popular session. Andrew shared with delegates his 20 years’ experience of assisting retailers get a labour scheduling solution up and running quickly and cost effectively.

"For some retailers, they neither have the time or the resources to wait for a bespoke real time scheduling & optimisation system. It can take up to 2 years to develop and install some systems! With recent advances in technology, it's now possible for retailers to get up and running quickly, by using an ‘out of the box’ scheduling solution,that will give 80% of the benefits of a full bespoke solution straight away.  They can then fine tune and expand as time goes on, using their managers experience and knowledge, to get the next 80% from what's left, and the next 80% and so on."  

Andrew demonstrated to retailers that that they don’t need to reinvent the wheel for every store; there are systems already on the market that will do 80% of what they need to do straight away. You are very welcome to download Andrew's 20 slides via this link

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