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Employee Burnout Common in a Third of UK Companies

Posted by Triona Cahalane on Thu, May 9, 2013

30% of UK HR Directors say employee burnout is common within their organisation according to new research from Robert Half UK with the figure rising to more than 35% for those based in London, the South East and publicly listed companies.

Employee Burnout

The report goes on to reveal that two thirds (67%) of UK HR directors highlight “workload” as the primary reason for employee burnout, although this figure rises to 75% for large and 73% for public sector companies. Over half (56%) mention “overtime/long working hours” as the second reason followed by “unachievable expectations” (35%), “economic pressures” (32%) and “inability to balance personal and professional commitments” (27%)

According to Phil Sheridan of Robert Half UK, “Employee burnout can affect almost any professional, from top boss to rank and file employee. Many employees who have been tackling increased workloads while putting in long hours are beginning to lose their motivation at work and this is particularly challenging for accounting teams as they prepare for fiscal year-end.”

In terms of implementing initiatives to counteract employee burnout, HR directors are mainly looking at promoting a teamwork-based environment (50%), reviewing job function (45%) encouraging team-building activities (34%), providing flexible working options (34%) and encouraging employees to take time off (31%). 

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