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Flexibility key for working mothers, says Santander HR director

Posted by Mairead Walsh on Mon, Jun 10, 2013

According to new research commissioned by Santander, working mums consider flexible working the most important way in which companies could help them maximise their career potential, both to their individual benefit, and that of British businesses The Women’s Council Business report found that 28% of working mums said that being able o fit their hours round the school day was the most important factor, while 24% said it was flexible working.  Money is only the third most important factor, with just 17% putting salary as their number one consideration. 

The study of over 2000 women found only one third (33%) of women returning to work after starting a family said that the time away had not affected their career progression.

Simon Lloyd, HR director at Santander UK, says:

“These findings show that companies need to do more to help women achieve a suitable balance between family and work that allows them to achieve their career aspirations. We believe that the loss of talented, experienced women from Britain’s companies is one of the biggest challenges that need to be overcome if the UK is to compete in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.”

Women in Work

Michelle Ryan, Professor of Social and Organisational Psychology, Associate Dean for Research in the College of Life and Environmental Sciences, Exeter University commented:

"Obviously many factors come into play for a woman planning a family, as each individual’s circumstances will be different. However, it’s clear that employers need to create workplaces which offer real flexibility that reflect the needs of today’s employees if we’re to see women appropriately represented at senior management level in the future. We need a step change in attitudes to flexible working in order to help create diverse businesses that fully reflect society.”

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