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The team that eats together stays together...!

Posted by Mairead Walsh on Thu, Sep 5, 2013

We've all heard the advice that the "Family that eats together stays together". The experts say it assists with bonding, communication, healthier eating habits and a time for learning. Being a mum, I totally get all this. I’ve been listening and heeding every bit of advice I’ve got from fellow parents, websites and the collection of books under my bed that I’ve assembled over the years.

But I never thought about how this could work in a work setting. Our support department however appear to be well up on the benefits. Meet Adam, he’s from Softworks Support, there he is cooking breakfast for the team on the Softworks balcony!

What a great way to start your workday with your colleagues……Anyone for a sausage…  :)


Adam on BBQ resized 600

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