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Getting Over the Hump of "Hump Day"

Posted by Eimear McCarthy on Wed, Aug 24, 2016


It's Wednesday, and we all know what that means. While you might have breezed through Monday and Tuesday, somehow Wednesday just seems to be the day that goes by a little slower. Over the last few years, Wednesday has been rebranded as "Hump Day". We can all relate to "Hump Day Wednesdays" as it seems to be the general consensus that come this midweek point, we all could use a pick me up. 

For many people Wednesday combines the issues of Monday and Tuesday along with the prospect that Friday evening is still pretty far off. Below are 5 tips to help make hump day a little easier:

1. Try and get the hardest jobs completed before Wednesday, if possible

Typically on Mondays, we make a mental list of to-dos for the week ahead. As the week progresses, we tend to push the most dreaded tasks back. By the time Wednesday comes around, you realise you have to get it done but time is quickly running out. Instead, get these tasks done as early in the week as possible. This way, you won’t be spending the rest of the week worrying about it and can have a stress free "Hump Day".

 2. Change your scenery

With flexible working, you can enjoy an extended 2 hour lunch break and what better day to take advantage of this then on "Hump Day". Do something different to make your Wednesday more fun. Meet friends for lunch, get some errands done and dusted or simply relax and enjoy your time outside of the office. You could also spend your long lunch catching up on your favourite TV show or get pampered, I wouldn't say no to a mani-pedi on a Wednesday :)

3. Work it out, literally

Hit the gym before or after work on a Wednesday. With flexible working, you could even fit in a gym class or workout during your long lunch break. This will make you feel better and give you more energy so it is worth doing. Plus, you will have burned some calories so don’t feel guilty about grabbing a little hump day snack to keep you going.

4. Have something to look forward to

Make plans with family or friends for a Wednesday evening so you have something fun to look forward to after work or get planning for the weekend. If your company has a social club, take 30 minutes on a Wednesday to think of some exciting suggestions and plan the next one for a Wednesday evening to help "Hump Day" go by faster. At Softworks, we have a social club and there are always fun things happening. We took a trip to Bruges for a weekend, attended Shelbourne Park Greyhound Stadium for dinner and a race night, went to Tayto Park and visited Johnnie Foxes – for all of our customers in the UK, Canada and U.S., this is one of Ireland’s oldest, most famous and highest pubs in the country. There is always something fun and exciting to look forward to at Softworks :)  

5. Be positive

Don't think of Wednesday as being a negative day. Instead, be positive and treat it just like any other day of the week. If you dread "Hump Day" then it becomes a weekly thing, as another Wednesday will come around and you will be faced with the same problem. If you learn to utilise your time efficiently, follow our tips and find the motivation to continue working, you will fly through "Hump Day".

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