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How retailer Clas Ohlson is using Softworks Time & Attendance and Rostering to satisfy Business and Operational needs - Case Study

Posted by Mairead Walsh on Thu, Oct 1, 2015

Effective workforce management has never been more critical to the retail sector due to the competitive nature of the industry, the ever increasing higher standards of service being demanded and the necessity to control operating costs.As the workforce is the single largest controllable expense for retail, labour is often a key driver to financial success or otherwise.

Softworks client Clas Ohlson has kindly agreed to let us share their story about how they are using Softworks to assist them to manage their employee's Time, Attendance and Rostering.

In this case study we examine;

  • Clas Ohlsons key requirements.
  • Why they chose Softworks rather than another supplier.
  • How they currently use the system across their stores in the UK.
  • The benefits it brings to their day to day business and operations.  

 You are very welcome to download the full case study via this link





Topics: Retailers