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NERA-What About the Employees Outside the Office?

Posted by Nadine Walsh on Mon, Jun 29, 2015

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Fines range from €1,900 to €15,000 per employee for non-compliance with the Working Time Directive* 


These days it's almost impossible to find a workplace where all employees are office based and working 9 to 5 every day. Between remote working, flexible hours, engineers on site visits, client visits and sales executives touring the country, it's rare to find a single department with set office based schedules, never mind an entire organisation.

Did you know that according to Ireland's employment legislation, every employee's working hours and attendance must be recorded? There are no exceptions to the rule. During our recent NERA audit, we were required to provide comprehensive documentation of working hours from all members of our team. At Softworks we offer flexible and remote working options and we also have engineers, project managers, sales executives and account managers constantly on the move. We were required to produce the following information for all employees, including those out of the office:

  1. A record of the number of hours worked by all employees on a daily and weekly basis - including those out of the office.
  2. A record of leave granted to employees in each week by way of annual leave or in respect of a public holiday and payment made in respect of that leave;
  3. A weekly record of the notification of the starting and finishing time of all employees.

Obviously we were able to produce this information easily as we can use our own automated Time and Attendance solutions! We have various options for our employees to register their time and attendance including; PC/Smart Phone clocking and Assumed hours honour based Email Timesheets.  

With Softworks Time and Attendance solutions, ensuring compliance couldn’t be easier. We can assist your organisation to ensure you are prepared for a NERA audit. We make it easy for your organisation to monitor employee attendance without impacting on your company culture.  We can help you build a clear picture of employee attendance through detailed data and reports on attendance, holidays, absenteeism, flexible working and additional hours.

If you would like to explore how our technology could assist you to prepare for a NERA audit and create a “pain” free environment for managing regulatory compliance, get in touch today.


P.S If you have a NERA inspection coming up, you may find our guide useful.

 *depending on the breach of employment rights legislation

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