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Selecting the Perfect Workforce Management System

Posted by Jimmy English on Mon, May 22, 2017
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It is becoming increasingly difficult for employers and companies to track and assess the performance of their employees in the modern workplace environment. More and more companies are seeking an effective and reliable method of recording their employee’s time and attendance. Employers also seek to implement easily adaptable rosters and schedules.  If this sounds like you then you would be well served by purchasing a workforce management system. However, before you do there are a number of things you need to take into consideration:

  1. Assess your needs.

What do you want your workforce management system to do for you? Do you simply want to track the clockings and attendance record of your employees? Or are you looking for more complex rostering and scheduling solutions.  Identifying the purpose that your new workforce management system will serve for your company is a critical in choosing the right fit for you.

 2. Will it integrate?

While you might be happy for your new workforce management solution to be a stand alone within your company’s IT structure, the likelihood is that you will need your new Time and Attendance system to integrate with existing applications you have running such as payroll and human resources. The majority of workforce management systems are capable of being integrated, but you will need to research how this integration will work, the length of time for completion and the cost.


  1. Think of the future.

A workforce management system is a major investment for a company, not only financially but of time and effort. Ensure that your investment does not quickly become obsolete by selecting a flexible system that will ideally include free upgrades to the latest versions as they become available.

 4. Expertise.

Perhaps the most critical aspect of choosing your new workforce management tool is experience of the supplier. Try to choose a supplier who has a solid track record of providing companies similar to yours with workforce management solutions. Don’t be afraid to talk to previous customers about their products and how they found dealing with the supplier.

Above all, be certain that you are happy to proceed. To help you select the perfect workforce management, we have put together an impartial guide which you can read here.

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