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Stop wasting Office Supplies!

Posted by Jimmy English on Mon, May 29, 2017
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Workplace Management - Reducing the waste of office supplies

In honour of National Paperclip day, we take a look at how companies can save money and reduce their office stationary spend. 

In today’s business environment companies are more conscious than ever when it comes to minimising costs. And while paper, pens and printer ink are all vital to a functioning workplace environment they must be treated as the valuable commodities that they are.

We all know someone who can’t walk by the office supply room without grabbing a few pens or a highlighter.  Or the colleague who is always printing unnecessarily. These habits are costing your company money and with some simple adjustments to employee behaviour and mind-set your company can start saving money. Here are some suggestions: 




  1. Create wastage awareness.

Your staff mightn’t be aware of the cost of restocking the office. Raising their awareness of how often your company orders printer paper and the cost to the company might encourage them to cut back on their printing. Something along the lines of: “Did you know that last year this company used 2,000 trees? “Is guaranteed to make people think before they print.

  1. Only print when necessary.

In the Digital Business Age and with the advent of the cloud it is becoming less commonplace for documents to be printed. Instead of printing off a copy for everyone attending the meeting, share your document using a projector and email. If it is necessary to print more than one page, try to do so double sided.

  1. Recycle and Reuse!

Instead of throwing out printed sheets when you’re finished with them, use these sheets for note taking and scribbling. 

  1. Assign stationary allowances.

If all of the above fail then it might be time to take more extreme measures. If your employees are required to sign out their stationary and know that their usage is being tracked then they will be more conscious about how many pens they go through. This is by no means an ideal rule to have to impose and should only be a last resort.

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Implementing change starts with Managers, who need to lead by example and encourage employees to follow suit.  Positive behaviour in the workplace comes from the top down.

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