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Webinar: When the culture is not to clock - Honor Based Attendance Tracking

Posted by Triona Cahalane on Fri, Jan 10, 2014

In association with, Softworks will be presenting "When the culture is not to clock - Honor Based Attendance Tracking" on Tuesday 14th January 10.00 - 11.00 PM ET. 

In this webcast we will examine Honor based timesheets and how they can assist organizations where the culture is not to clock and/or enter times, with operational efficiency, cost control, regulatory compliance and employee empowerment. We look at how Honor based timesheets make it easy for organizations to manage employee time without having to install hardware to manually record employee working hours. Furthermore, we explore how they can be configured to your organization’s unique rules, processes and requirements and give your employees full control over their own working day, thereby promoting employee satisfaction and retention.

Finally we investigate how “Honor based timesheets” can assist organizations build a clear picture of employee time through detailed data and reports on attendance, absenteeism, overtime, flexible working, scheduling and vacation leave. Scalable and completely configurable, they can apply an organization's unique pay rules and policies accurately and consistently and ensure the organization is fully compliant with legislation.

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