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Rostering - Putting Skills in the Right Places

Posted by Nadine Walsh on Fri, Nov 28, 2014


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Almost everyone’s heard of the saying ‘Right place, right time’ and when it comes to your workforce, a key element to the successful management of a business is ensuring that you have the right staff in the right place at the right time.

This often comes down to judgement, trusting your manager(s) to roster correctly and assess the possible requirements of their department within set constraints, be it contract terms, working hours, holiday leave, sick leave and so on. Whether it’s a shop floor, a manufacturing plant or a hospital, the demands on staff will change depending on various factors. Whilst these factors are more often than not outside of your control, you can plan effectively to deal with them based on historical data, local knowledge and general trends.

After all that, there is still a time consuming necessity to plan out the rosters based on the business requirements and the staff available. This can often be a frustrating and tedious task, which is subject to change at any given moment. Having an efficient and flexible rostering system can often save multiple hours every week/month as well as ensuring that all regulatory obligations are met. It can also be designed to factor in many of the aforementioned variables which aids in reducing the risk of under staffing at critical times, not to mention ensuring cost effectiveness by controlling resources when they are less needed.


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By Softworks' Head of Finance: Oliver Mitchell, ACA                    Oliver

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