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How Time & Attendance can help organisations manage absenteeism...

Posted by Softworks Workforce on Wed, Jul 7, 2010

Time & attendance can help organisations manage absenteeism by providing them with the evidence needed to manage any issues. By the very virtue of what they do, time & attendance systems will store all details of hours worked, of all employees, and therefore all details of when they were not there, when they were late, left early or worked overtime. The reporting facilities enable organisations to produce reports, which can analyse absenteeism, by rating, frequency, reason, percentage, cost and the Bradford Factor, and can also create this information in graphical format if required, thereby giving the company the tools to manage any problems.

absence sick payFlexitime and annualised hours are two ways in which organisations can help to facilitate work-life balance for their employees, while ensuring no counterproductive drop in productivity and output. Employees are likely to be more motivated if they feel confident in being able to fit their working lives around their external commitments, particularly if they have family commitments, and complicated childcare arrangements to juggle. If they have the flexibility to deal with issues when they arise, employees will probably put much more effort into the time they are at work.

Time & attendance systems can enable organisations to manage flexitime and annualised hours easily, without any of the administrative nightmares that they would seem to entail. They can become part of enlightened 'attendance management strategies' rather than the punitive 'Big Brother' approach of yesteryear, giving employees the respect and responsibility over their jobs and attendance, that they deserve. In managing the problem of employee absenteeism, the most important requirement is not just having a capable time & attendance management system, but the involvement of managers with employees - with the people.

The reasons why certain employees are frequently absent, or work excessive amounts of overtime, while being held by the time & attendance system, can only be comprehended and used with 'people involvement'. So while a good time & attendance system is essential to provide this hard information, the only way to use it effectively, and counteract any problems is through good people management skills, and this, in combination with the management information provided by the time & attendance system, is the way to generate the cost savings and control that all companies need in the current economic climate

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