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Softworks Canada Guinness World Record Attempt

Posted by Softworks Workforce on Fri, Oct 22, 2010

Stage set for the ‘greatest glow on earth’ at Canadian financial technology convention

Dublin & Toronto, 21 October 2010

Though more used to shedding light on how companies can save money in the area of time & attendance and labour scheduling, Softworks shed light of a different sort yesterday at the Financial Technology Show in Toronto.

At Canada’s top technology event for accountants and payroll professionals, held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre South, Softworks along with the delegates shined their laser pens in unison and so successfully attempted to break a Guinness world record.

Given that the existing record stands at 250, Andrew Ferguson, CEO of Softworks, says he is “very confident” of success.

Ferguson adds,

 “I'm sure at some point in everyone’s life, they have thought about having a go at breaking a Guinness world record, especially when they were children, whether that was keeping a ball in the air, hopping on one leg while juggling 10 banana's or jumping on a trampoline. Thankfully we didn’t ask any of the accountants to do any of those things!”

The record attempt took place in the convention centre at 13.30. With the lights going down and fog billowing through the arena, delegates focused their USB laser pens (donated by Softworks as part of the welcome pack) at a point on the ceiling, attempting a new world record in the process!


Softworks’ presence at the Financial Technology Show also had a less frivolous side: the global launch of Platform 10 and Cloud 10, which together represent a new industry benchmark in time and attendance and scheduling products.

“Platform 10 and Cloud 10 are the accumulation of 20 years in the time and attendance and labour-scheduling business and the fourth generation of our product suite, from the days of MS Dos to today,” Ferguson explains.


“They take full advantage of the technology available and deliver relevant data where and when it's needed and in the most suitable format. The system ensures that key data such as vacation requests, overtime approvals and shift changes is emailed to the relevant manager, giving them all the information needed to make a decision, instantly. It also allows the business to set KPI targets and goals for departments, running comparisons, spotting trends and monitoring success.”


At the show, Softworks demonstrated how Platform 10 On-Premise and Cloud 10 On-Demand Time & Attendance and Labour Scheduling can provide real savings by:


  • Managing labour costs
  • Enhancing your effectiveness
  • Mitigating risk

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