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Are you realising your employees’ full value?

Posted by Mairead Walsh on Tue, May 8, 2012

Today’s most successful brands differentiate themselves by their workforce 


CEOsTime and time again we hear company CEOs and Managing directors say “Our greatest asset is not in our inventory or our sales or our products—but in our people."

This is of course very true, however as an organisation, are you actually realising and leveraging your employees’ full value?

Was your brand built from the inside out? Did you start with your employees and your corporate culture? If not this could be the perfect opportunity to revisit this area. It could be time to see how well your brand sits with your internal workforce management policies, procedures and work practices. With social media and word-of-mouth marketing a reality of today’s workplace, what happens inside is reflected in the way you and your people are perceived on the outside.

Leading companies today are realising that their employees need to be an integral part of their brand. If you really want to leverage your greatest asset – your workforce, you need to strike a balance between the needs of your business and the needs of your employees.

By achieving this balance, you can attract, retain and develop your workforce, who will in turn assist you, achieve your goals and most importantly put a human face to your organisation. The so called 9 to 5/eight hour working day originated out of necessity during the Industrial Revolution in Britain in the 1800s.  So much has changed since then in terms of how, when and where we do business, it makes you wonder why we are holding onto a working day that was created over 200 years ago.

CEOs and managing directors have come to realise that In order to compete effectively in today’s business environment, they need their workforce to both understand and share their vision.  It is the workforce who will be instrumental in the successful implementation of an organisation’s objectives.  The recognition of the importance of achieving this buy-in from the entire organisation has prompted active involvement by CEOs and Managing Directors in workforce managment projects. This involvement proves to their employees, both their commitment and their understanding of how their workforce is paramount to the success of the business.  

If you would like to read more about why today’s CEOs and Managing Directors recognise both the importance and the benefits of taking an active role in Workforce Managment Projects, you are very welcome to download our free guide.

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