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Flexible working plans for civil servants during Olympic Games

Posted by Triona Cahalane on Fri, May 25, 2012

One of the greatest sporting fixtures is taking place this summer in London – the Olympics and London’s transport network is expected to come under enormous pressure with an estimated extra one million journeys being made during the event.


As a result companies have been encouraged to adopt flexible working practices during the Olympics such as allowing staff to work from home or to vary their shift times to miss peak periods.  This in particular will apply to Civil Servants in a bid to ease congestion.

“Staff are not being instructed to work from home. We are encouraging staff to plan ahead and consider different work and travel patterns just as other London business and organisations intend to work differently during the Games,” said a government spokesman.

“Not surprisingly, government departments - and, I am sure, businesses - have been thinking about how they respond to that and putting in place plans.The transport system will be under pressure from the huge number of people coming to London to watch the Olympics, the spokesman said, and this will clearly cause disruption.

“Staff are not being told that they have to work from home. What we are doing is encouraging staff to plan ahead and consider different work and travel patterns for the period of the Olympic Games.

“We are looking at whether in some cases it would make sense for people to work from home, but it could also mean travelling outside rush hour.”

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