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The Benefits of a Mobile Workforce Management Solution

Posted by Jimmy English on Mon, Aug 21, 2017
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In a workforce that is becoming increasingly flexible, more and more employees have the option to work from home or from the road. These employees still need to be able to clock in and clock out, request holidays and  manage their Time and Attendance. In companies where employees enjoy benefits such as flexible working, they must have access to a mobile online workforce management system. Mobile Workorce Management provides a number of benefits to both employees and managers.


Here are some of the key benefits of mobile workforce management solutions:

  1. Manage Time and Attendance from the comfort of your phone.

Managers who utilise a Mobile Workforce Management Solution can view and manage their employee Time and Attendance on the move and complete tasks such as reviewing Holiday Requests and adjusting Rosters.

  1. Clock In/Out Remotely.

For employees who work remotely, work flexible hours,  or who are often on the road for work recording hours worked can pose quite a challenge. These employees cannot physically clock in in their office, and must rely on other means to record when they start and end their shift.A mobile Time & Attendance App solves this problem, allowing employees to clock in and out from their phone.

  1. Save time and money

By placing a mobile Human Resources tool in the hands of your employee you are enabling them to access real time human resources information, thus eliminating the number of enquiries your HR department must deal with.

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The Softworks App is one of the most effective and user friendly Workforce Management Apps available. When Softworks Employee Self service App, employees can view their clocking history, request leave and check rosters. The Softworks Mobile Workforce Management App is highly user centric and intuitive and is quickly being adopted as the industry standard in Mobile Workforce Management.

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