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Posted by Nadine Walsh on Fri, Aug 14, 2015




What is Biometrics? 

Biometric data may be created from physical or physiological characteristics of a person. These include a fingerprint, an iris, a retina, a face, outline of a hand, an ear shape, voice pattern, DNA, and body odour. Biometric data might also be created from behavioural  data such as hand writing or keystroke analysis. Generally, a digitised template is produced from the biometric data. This template is then compared with one produced when an employee presents at a reader. 

There are two principal types of systems: 

1 - Identification systems, which confirm the identity of an individual;

2 -  Authentication / verification systems, which confirm that a biometric derived from a person who presents at a reader matches another biometric, typically stored on a card and presented simultaneously


Why Choose Biometrics? 

Environment -The nature of the workplace may require high levels of security. Areas containing sensitive information, high value goods or potentially dangerous material may warrant a higher level of security than would areas with low value goods or areas with complete public access.

Error Elimination- Biometrics eliminate the possibility of human error, meaning your data is accurate and always available. 

Efficiency - Ease of administration may necessitate the introduction of a system where other less invasive systems have failed, or proved to be prohibitively expensive to run.

Reliability - If an employer suffers as a result of untrustworthy staff (Commonly referred to as buddy punching), impersonating each other for various reasons

Cost effective - Reduction in costs as there is no need for password administration, user up time or user support

Simplicity - Easiest possible method of employee clocking


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