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Top Tips for a Happier Workplace

Posted by Eimear McCarthy on Tue, Mar 8, 2016


We spend so much of our life at work and with today’s tough business climate, there are more challenges and stresses than ever before. Happiness in the workplace is a win-win. Happy, engaged people are healthier, more productive, are more likely to contribute over and above the responsibilities of their job and help out colleagues, and are less likely to be absent. Making your organisation a happy place to work is an essential component to the successful long-lasting business.

So, how can you create a happier work environment? Try these 5 tips to get started:

  1. Be Flexible

Employees are increasingly concerned about work-life balance and organisations which offer flexibility often find increased levels of satisfaction among employees. Flexible working can allow employees to adapt their ways of working to best suit their needs, while still being committed to their careers.

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  1. Encourage Health and Fitness

Healthy employees are happy employees. Focusing on healthy employees can help your business be more productive, in turn lowering costs associated with healthcare, absenteeism, and employee turn-over. We have listed a few ways in which you can encourage your employees to be healthy:

  • Set up walking, running or other activity and exercise groups within your organisation.
  • Promote healthy eating options in the workforce – provide free fruit in the office.
  • Promote fitness by providing discounts to gym memberships.
  • Support positive mental health and wellbeing by encouraging employees to deal with stress, personal difficulties and to seek help when necessary.
  1. Communication is Key

Good communication between managers and their employees is essential for a positive and happy workplace. The key to good communication is to be clear and direct. If there are issues, don’t avoid them, address them head-on and discuss how these issues can be prevented in the future. This will also help decrease the level of stress in the workplace which in turn will lead to happier workers. Having a team who are able to communicate freely, both on a personal and professional level makes for better collaboration, productivity and a generally happier environment within the office.

  1. Recognise Success

People love to be recognised when they’ve done a great job. It allows them to take ownership of their tasks and makes them feel pride for working well. It is always a good idea to reward employees who do a great job. Recognising individuals who work hard will show them that they are appreciated within the organisation and that hard work is acknowledged. It will also inspire them to keep up the hard work while encouraging other employees to strive for the same recognition. This can be accomplished in a few ways:

  • Take a few minutes out of meetings to bring attention to employees’ accomplishes.
  • Send out a monthly/quarterly email highlighting achievements within your organisation.
  • Highlight employee’s personal achievements such as completing a run for charity.
  1. Don’t Forget to Have Fun

People work hard and a few light-hearted moments can help ease tension, relieve stress and create a happy atmosphere in the workplace. Every Christmas at Softworks we hold ‘Christmasize Your Floorwhich involves each floor getting in to the Christmas spirit with decorations and games. We also do Kris Kindle which is great fun and everyone in the office receives a gift. We have a social club which includes regular days/nights out. We feel this is a good way for team members to form friendships which strengthen their communication within the office. We recently went to Bruges for a weekend and we are attending Shelbourne Park Greyhound Stadium for dinner and a race night at the end of the month. Previous events included car racing, meals out, cocktail making classes and visiting Johnnie Foxes – for all of our customers in the UK, Canada and U.S., this is one of Ireland’s oldest, most famous and highest pubs in the country. There is always something fun and exciting to look forward to at Softworks :) 

Remember: Happiness = Productivity!

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