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How eRostering and Scheduling Solutions can benefit Healthcare Services in Ireland

Posted by Jimmy English on Mon, Jul 24, 2017

Healthcare providers in Ireland face a number of administrative challenges on a daily basis. In particular, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and specialist units must overcome complex rostering needs to manage various  levels and grades of staff performing a multitude of tasks and duties.  On any given day, healthcare providers will require rostering for Doctors, Nurses, Support staff and ancillary staff.

Without the effective management of staff scheduling and rostering, healthcare establishments cannot provide the level of care that is expected them. With this in mind, what benefits can eRostering and Scheuling solutions offer to healthcare providers? Some of the benefits:

  1. Effective and carefully crafted rostering and management of staff across all units of the provider
  2. Increased effectiveness of time management.
  3. Greater accuracy in Payroll.
  4. Improved employee satisfaction with allocation of resources.
  5. Improved access to and visibility of employee schedule data.

eRostering and Scheduling Solutions are also hugely beneficial to Healthcare providers in aiding them to maintain their compliance and patient safety standards. Additionally, healthcare providers will benefit hugely from the integration with payroll and HR systems that is possible with most eRostering and Scheduling solutions.


Compliance: eRostering enables Healthcare administrators to ensure that they remain fully compliant with the regulations of the European Working Time Directive.

Patient Safety: Ensure that healthcare professionals are fit for practice by limiting their hours to a safe amount per week and schedule regular rest periods.

Softworks is the leading provider of Rostering and Scheduling solutions to healthcare establishments in Ireland.  Softworks has successfully implemented scheduling solutions in several of Irelands leading and flagship hospitals. Hospitals using Softworks Scheduling solutions have experienced the full range of benefits of our solutions, including those listed above.

But don’t just take our word for it.  Find out here how Beaumont Hospital introduced Time & Attendance and Scheduling.

Get Beaumont Case Study

The Bons Secours Health System also enjoy the many benefits of Softworks solutions.  Read about those benefits in our case study.

Get Bon Secours Case Study

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The Top 5 Challenges of Workforce Management

Posted by Jimmy English on Tue, Jul 18, 2017

Workforce management refers to the system of processes involved in the daily organisation and operation of employees in a working environment. In any organisation that has multiple departments with multiple employees there is going to be a certain amount of difficulty and complexity in the management of these employees. Some of most common challenges in workforce management include:Scheduling and rostering, Time & Attendance Tracking, Managing Absences and employee self-service options.

Let’s take a further look at these workforce management challenges:

workforce management 2.jpg

  1. Time & Attendance Tracking.

The main issues surrounding tracking employee time and attendance in any organisation typically result from the tracking being paper based, with employees manually signing in and out. Paper based time and attendance tracking is very open to innacuracies and dishonesty from employees.

  1. Scheduling and Rostering

Within any company there can be several different shift patterns requiring employees to be scheduled for different parts of the day. Staff levels can also be dependent on projected demand during busy or quiet periods. Paper based rostering is becoming increasingly inefficient in the modern workplace.


  1. Managing Absences.

Planned and unplanned absences can both test a business. Unplanned absences can place unnceccesary strain on business due to the extra costs of covering the absence and the losses incurred while the absent employee is being replaced. Planned absences are simpler to deal with but will still present obstacles for a company.

  1. Employee self service

The increasing demand from employees for access to their time & attendance information and data is presenting a challenge for employers who still store this data in paper format. The requirement for transparency around employee data is difficult to comply with for employers who do not have this information stored digitally.

  5. Holiday Tracking

 Chances are, employees are going to want to take annual leave during the summer months when the weather is fine. Demand for time off mid year is going to be very high. Unfortunatley it will not be possible to accomodate everyone's holiday requests for the same time and it is often neccessary to stagger these requests to ensure that the company still functions fully.


To successfully compete in the modern business environment it is vital that companies implement a workforce management system to help them to manage and optimise employee output and performance. Workforce management solutions such as those provided by Softworks can assist companies to drive efficiency, reduce costs and ultimately improve business performance.

But don't just take our word for it! Book a live Demo here and see for yourself!

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Softworks awarded contract to provide Workforce Management Solutions to Havencare (Southwest) Ltd

Posted by Jimmy English on Fri, Jul 14, 2017


Softworks has been awarded the contract to provide their market leading Time & Attendance,eRostering and Absence Management Solutions to Havencare Supported Living and Residential Care in Plymouth, United Kingdom. Softworks will provide Havencare with workforce management solutions for their 220 employees across several facilities.

Softworks Solutions are already used by many other healthcare and assisted living facilities across the UK and Ireland including Newbrook Nursing Home, The Bons Secours Health System, University Hospitals of Bristol NHS Trust and the Fermoy Community Hospital to name but a few.

Havencare particularly liked Softworks Employee Self Service Solutions which allow employees to record their own time & attendance, check work schedules and even to book absences and holidays, all via their mobile app. One of the most attractive features of Softworks Employee Self Service is that it increases the efficiency of Human Resources, Payroll and Operations staff by reducing the number of queries coming from employees.

Softworks are looking forward to working closely with the team at Havencare as they reap the benefits of our Workforce Management Solutions.

Find out more about our workforce management solutions. 

Try Softworks for yourself and get a Live Demo of our market leading solutions. 

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The benefits of introducing a Workforce Management System in the Healthcare Industry.

Posted by Jimmy English on Mon, Jul 10, 2017

In the fast paced and often hectic environment of hospitals and other healthcare services it is vital that the right staff are assigned to the right department, at the right time, to perform the right task. The effective management of a hospital centres on accuracy and efficiency.  To ensure the smooth running of their hospitals, more and more managers are turning towards workforce management solutions for the healthcare industry.

Common issues facing healthcare managers include:

Compliance: Healthcare providers need a tool that ensures all staff are rostered within working time regulations.

Patient safety: if key staff are tired and overworked, the safety of their patients could be at risk. Healthcare providers need to ensure their medical staff receive sufficient rest breaks.

Accuracy: healthcare providers need to ensure the accurate collection of employee hours worked for payroll.

Automation: Automation and pre scheduled hours allows healthcare and hospital managers to easily manage employee hours and meet staffing demands. 

Adroll Healthcare scheduling.png

As well as addressing many of these common workforce management issues, time & attendance and eRostering solutions can provide a clear return on investment for healthcare providers.  Scheduling and time & attendance solutions give the healthcare sector the tools and systems they need to operate under strict budgeting guidelines, the high cost of labour and variable staffing needs.

Some of the benefits of Time & Attendance and eRostering Solutions that will yield ROI for healthcare providers include:

Optimising the workforce by aligning staff levels and labour resources and ensuring staff have the required skillset to carry out the task at hand.

Improving productivity by providing real time staff information for informed decisions.

Attracting, retaining and motivating employees by giving them more control and input over their work schedules.

As the leading supplier  of Time & Attendance and eRostering solutions to the healthcare sector in Ireland and the UK,Softworks understands the complex issues that healthcare providers face.

softworks doctors .jpg

You can find out more about the benefits of workforce management in the healthcare industry by downloading our Free whitepaper here.

For a look at a real life application of softworks solutions in one of Irelands largest hospitals, download our case study here.

But don't just take our word for it. See for yourself how Softworks Workforce Management Solutions can benefit your Healthcare establishment and book a Live Demonstration. 

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Softworks exhibiting at Health+Care in London

Posted by Triona Cahalane on Mon, Jun 23, 2014
healthcare logo

Softworks are looking forward to exhibiting at Health+Care Conference in London this week, 25th - 26th June. 

Health+Care will see more than 7,000 professionals gather from all over the UK to network, share practical advice, real solutions and engage in facilitated learning. Over 300 speakers are scheduled to present during the conference and will deliver case studies and keynote sessions over the two days.

Softworks Malcolm Riviera who heads up Softworks Healthcare Division will be on hand at stand Y50 to answer questions and demonstrate our unique solutions. For more about how Softworks Healthcare could assist your organisation check out our website

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand! 

Health Care Conference


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Softworks attends NHS Confederation Annual Conference in Liverpool

Posted by Mairead Walsh on Tue, Jun 3, 2014

Softworks are delighted to be exhibiting at the 2014 NHS Confederation Annual Conference which is taking place this week at the ACC Liverpool, UK. 

The NHS Confederation is the membership body for the full range of organisations that commission and provide NHS services. They work with members and health and social care partners to help the NHS guarantee high standards of care for patients and best value for taxpayers.

Softworks eRostering, Time & Attendance and Absence Management Solutions provide a completely automated workforce environment for healthcare providers.  The portfolio has been developed around staff management and managing the working day and is used to tackle some of the most challenging problems for healthcare, such as managing complex rosters/scheduling, time and attendance, working time directive compliance, employee self-service solutions, data collection and access control.

Unlike traditional rostering software for hospitals, Softworks eRostering Solution can manage rosters across the entire hospital landscape from nursing, medics, non-clinical to ancillary staff, enabling effective rostering and management of staff across all units, multi-disciplinary teams and multiple locations.  

Softworks Malcolm Riviera who heads up Softworks Healthcare Division will be on hand at stand H85 to answer questions and demonstrate our unique solutions.  Make sure you stop by if you are attending the conference this year.  For more about how Softworks Healthcare could assist your organisation check out our website -

Softworks Healthcare at NHS Confederation

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Softworks attending the National Health Summit in Croke Park, Dublin

Posted by Triona Cahalane on Tue, Feb 18, 2014

National Health Summit 2014Softworks will be attending the National Health Summit on Wednesday 19th February in Croke Park, Dublin. The National Health Summit is established as one of Ireland's most important annual healthcare management summits and in 2014 will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Health Care Conference

The event brings together all the major stakeholders in the Health Care Section to discuss and debate the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Softworks CEO – Andrew Ferguson will also be involved in the Panel Discussion on the topic “Transforming our hospitals: Just more cuts or can our hospitals achieve radical service transformation & deep cultural reform?” which is sure to be an excellent event.

Please click here for more information on this event or if your attending, we’ll be on hand to answer any of your questions plus we’ll have goodies to give away. Effective workforce management has never been more critical to the healthcare sector in Ireland. Softworks Time & Attendance, eRostering and Absence Management solutions provide a completely automated healthcare workforce environment with proactive, event driven actionable alerts and full reporting facilities as standard.

Healthcare Summit

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How to Manage Complex Hospital Rostering/Scheduling - Case Study

Posted by Mairead Walsh on Thu, Jan 23, 2014

In an era when computers can handle almost everything, it always amazes me that some healthcare providers still rely on spread sheets, clipboards, notice boards, and from time to time a bit of sweet talking and arm twisting to function!  

Healthcare providers are tasked with trying to deliver one of the most important services in our society in an efficient and cost effective manner with limited resources, while also attempting to balance the skills, needs and desires of their employees.  The sector is undoubtedly facing significant operational challenges with demand rising and resources falling.

Hospital image resized 600

Considering the limited resources, the logical next step has to be finding new ways to improve operational efficiency, and the subsequent value of care to patients. This is where technology has excelled in recent years and it is a missed opportunity to ignore these advances.

The latest eRostering / scheduling solutions can assist with managing the complex balance of workforce supply with service/patient demand.  Agile employee scheduling/rostering, time and attendance and analytical insight can empower healthcare providers to optimise their workforce and make changes in response to internal and external changes in real-time. 

By automating these processes you can eliminate error prone paper-based rosters / schedules and excel spread-sheets along with time consuming administrative tasks.  Allocating resources where and when they are needed, is easily achieved via innovative automated scheduling tools. To see this in action take a look at how The Bon Secours Hospital achieved tangible results with automated Scheduling, Time & Attendance and Absence Management.

Find out how they achieved

  • Better Rostering and time management effectiveness
  • Increased efficiencies that benefited both employees and patients
  • Improved management information & reporting
  • Greater employee engagement & empowerment

The case study is free to download using this link

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Softworks Presents at Healthcare Summit in Dublin

Posted by Mairead Walsh on Wed, Nov 20, 2013

Softworks are delighted to be part of the 2013 HISI Stakeholders Summit which takes place in Dublin today.

The one day event provides an opportunity for delegates to learn from international experience and to gain a better understanding of the shared challenges and opportunities faced by healthcare providers.  Andrew Ferguson, Softworks CEO, was invited to present on how to overcome the challenges of staff schedulingrostering in healthcare. 

The healthcare sector is unlike any other sector when it comes to staff rostering/scheduling. Scheduling thousands of employees in a 24/7 organisation, with unknown and often unpredictable demand drivers is an enormous challenge. Add to this specific skills, legislative compliance, variable start and finish times, rotating patterns, contracts, employee preferences, numerous departments, teams and specialities…. It could not be more complex. 

He shared with delegates Softworks experience working with Irish and international hospitals/community & residential healthcare providers. Softworks Irish clients include; Beaumont, Bon Secours Hospitals, The Coombe, National Maternity Hospital, The Beacon, The Mercy Hospital,  St Michael’s House, Children’s Sunshine Home, Laura Lynn House.

HISI Conference




HISI Conference

Softworks have developed specific software to make light work of employee scheduling in healthcare.  Unlike historic hospital rostering software that was often only used by the nursing department. Softworks software manages rosters across the entire hospital from admin staff to porters, doctors, nurses, departmental staff etc. 

In an era when computers can handle almost everything, it’s incredible that some healthcare organisations still rely on spread sheets, clipboards, notice boards, and from time to time a bit of sweet talking and arm twisting to function!  

For more about how Softworks assist the healthcare sector download our free paper - How the latest in Workforce Management Technology can meet the Healthcare Sector’s Operational Challenges

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Softworks invited to speak at eHealth Week 2013

Posted by Mairead Walsh on Tue, May 21, 2013

Softworks CEO, Andrew Ferguson was chosen to present at eHealth Week that took place in Dublin last week. eHealth Week brings together two main events the; High Level eHealth Conference co-organised by the European Commission and the Irish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, and WoHIT (World of Health IT Conference) organised by HIMSS Europe. The event brings industry partners and providers, government and regional decision makers from across Europe. The event attracts approximately 2,500 delegates each year.

Andrew Ferguson Softworks

Andrew’s presentation, Over my dead body will I "clock", sound familiar? We review "life" in a Healthcare clocking environment. was a hugely popular session. Andrew shared with delegates his 20 years’ experience of assisting healthcare providers with Workforce Management solutions including time & attendance/flexitime, labour scheduling and absence management He demonstrated how the latest in Workforce Management Solutions can assist the healthcare sector build a clear picture of employee time through detailed data and reports on attendance, absenteeism, overtime, flexible working, scheduling and leave. Furthermore he revealed how today's solutions can make a positive difference to both the organisation and their employees.

Softworks also recently published a new whitepaper that examines - How the latest in Workforce Management Technology can meet the Healthcare Sector’s Operational Challenges. You are very welcome to download this free paper.

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