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How eRostering and Scheduling Solutions can benefit Healthcare Services in Ireland

Posted by Jimmy English on Mon, Jul 24, 2017

Healthcare providers in Ireland face a number of administrative challenges on a daily basis. In particular, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and specialist units must overcome complex rostering needs to manage various  levels and grades of staff performing a multitude of tasks and duties.  On any given day, healthcare providers will require rostering for Doctors, Nurses, Support staff and ancillary staff.

Without the effective management of staff scheduling and rostering, healthcare establishments cannot provide the level of care that is expected them. With this in mind, what benefits can eRostering and Scheuling solutions offer to healthcare providers? Some of the benefits:

  1. Effective and carefully crafted rostering and management of staff across all units of the provider
  2. Increased effectiveness of time management.
  3. Greater accuracy in Payroll.
  4. Improved employee satisfaction with allocation of resources.
  5. Improved access to and visibility of employee schedule data.

eRostering and Scheduling Solutions are also hugely beneficial to Healthcare providers in aiding them to maintain their compliance and patient safety standards. Additionally, healthcare providers will benefit hugely from the integration with payroll and HR systems that is possible with most eRostering and Scheduling solutions.


Compliance: eRostering enables Healthcare administrators to ensure that they remain fully compliant with the regulations of the European Working Time Directive.

Patient Safety: Ensure that healthcare professionals are fit for practice by limiting their hours to a safe amount per week and schedule regular rest periods.

Softworks is the leading provider of Rostering and Scheduling solutions to healthcare establishments in Ireland.  Softworks has successfully implemented scheduling solutions in several of Irelands leading and flagship hospitals. Hospitals using Softworks Scheduling solutions have experienced the full range of benefits of our solutions, including those listed above.

But don’t just take our word for it.  Find out here how Beaumont Hospital introduced Time & Attendance and Scheduling.

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The Bons Secours Health System also enjoy the many benefits of Softworks solutions.  Read about those benefits in our case study.

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How Softworks Have Aided the Hospitality Sector

Posted by Eimear McCarthy on Tue, Aug 2, 2016


Today’s Integrated Workforce Management (WFM) Solutions including Time & Attendance, eRostering/ Scheduling and Absence Management give hotels the tools and processes they need to balance the high cost of labour, tight budgets, variable staffing needs and complex labour laws without putting customer loyalty, service, compliance, employee satisfaction, or profitability at risk

If hotels are to meet current challenges they must eliminate inefficiencies and more accurately roster employees. Today’s integrated WFM solutions can build a bridge between the operational and the strategic elements of the business.

This transformation of workforce management allows businesses, to reduce unnecessary costs and payments, improve productivity and efficiency and ensure a consistent and superior customer experience. Armed with the latest workforce management technology, meeting these challenges is 100% attainable.

The Softworks Hospitality Solution is an easy to use solution that empowers hotel operators to:

  • Understand and react to revenue patterns in their business by managing labour costs.
  • Allocate resources where and when they are needed though innovative automated tools.
  • Allow Heads of Department to work within predefined budget allocations and optimise schedules accordingly.
  • Keep a close eye on overtime, absenteeism and other unplanned costs.

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How to Manage Complex Hospital Rostering/Scheduling - Case Study

Posted by Mairead Walsh on Thu, Jan 23, 2014

In an era when computers can handle almost everything, it always amazes me that some healthcare providers still rely on spread sheets, clipboards, notice boards, and from time to time a bit of sweet talking and arm twisting to function!  

Healthcare providers are tasked with trying to deliver one of the most important services in our society in an efficient and cost effective manner with limited resources, while also attempting to balance the skills, needs and desires of their employees.  The sector is undoubtedly facing significant operational challenges with demand rising and resources falling.

Hospital image resized 600

Considering the limited resources, the logical next step has to be finding new ways to improve operational efficiency, and the subsequent value of care to patients. This is where technology has excelled in recent years and it is a missed opportunity to ignore these advances.

The latest eRostering / scheduling solutions can assist with managing the complex balance of workforce supply with service/patient demand.  Agile employee scheduling/rostering, time and attendance and analytical insight can empower healthcare providers to optimise their workforce and make changes in response to internal and external changes in real-time. 

By automating these processes you can eliminate error prone paper-based rosters / schedules and excel spread-sheets along with time consuming administrative tasks.  Allocating resources where and when they are needed, is easily achieved via innovative automated scheduling tools. To see this in action take a look at how The Bon Secours Hospital achieved tangible results with automated Scheduling, Time & Attendance and Absence Management.

Find out how they achieved

  • Better Rostering and time management effectiveness
  • Increased efficiencies that benefited both employees and patients
  • Improved management information & reporting
  • Greater employee engagement & empowerment

The case study is free to download using this link

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