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Five Ways to Beat the January Blues

Posted by Eimear McCarthy on Tue, Jan 3, 2017


Happy New Year! December was a fun-filled month of celebrations with family, friends and work colleagues, lots of delicious food and plenty of relaxation. Today however, is the first day back to the office for the majority of people. This may more than likely be followed by the dreaded “January Blues.” We have listed a few ways to help keep you upbeat, get back to being motivated in the workplace and beat the January Blues.

1. Hold Motivational Meetings

At the end of every week or month, hold a quick meeting with employees to share their accomplishes. Use this time to compliment employees who have gone beyond the call of duty or who have achieved something exceptional. Employees will come to expect the meetings. They will also welcome the chance to share their successes and challenges with you and their co-workers and experience a supportive vibe.

2. Be Flexible

Flexible working is one of the most useful tools in helping workers achieve a healthy work-life balance. It can allow employees the ability to adapt their ways of working to best suit their needs, while still being fully committed to their careers. Mercer carried out a survey on over 1,500 employees across UK and Ireland, which showed that 52% of workers are very concerned about maintaining a healthy lifestyle while holding down a job. Flexible working arrangements can help reduce stress as employees working flexibly are more satisfied with their job and lives, and they experience better work-life balance.

3. Promote a Healthy Workplace

Food choices can have a huge impact on how you feel during the day. Eating small, frequent and healthy meals can help your body maintain an even level of blood sugar, keeping your energy and focus up, and avoiding mood swings. Low blood sugar, on the other hand, can make you feel anxious and irritable, while eating too much can make you lethargic.

  • Bring your own lunch and snacks to work. This will eliminate the temptation to buy sugary and fast foods.
  • Try and prepare lunches/dinners in advance and freeze them so it saves time and eliminates doing it after a long day at work.
  • Reduce your intake of foods that can adversely affect your mood, such as caffeine, alcohol and trans fats.
  • Eat more Omega-3 fatty acids to give your mood a boost. The best sources are fatty fish (salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies, and sardines), flaxseed and walnuts.
4. Have Fun

Everyone will stay motivated if things are kept interesting and entertaining in the workplace. There are several ways to have fun in the workplace.

  • Hold a breakfast morning once a month.
  • Set up a walking, running or exercise group during lunch or after work.
  • Create a social club (if one is not already in place). Ask all employees what they would like to do for January & set up a poll. This could range from a day trip to dinner and drinks after work.
5. Contact Softworks!

Start the New Year by contacting Softworks. Not only can we benefit your company but we can benefit your employees too. Take Flexible Working, it can lead to a healthy work-life balance along with improved job satisfaction, increased energy, better staff morale and reduced levels of stress. Having the right work-life balance is increasingly important with more and more people finding that their working day is getting longer as businesses struggle to keep up with the demand for 24 hour services. So to help make 2017 the best year yet, get in touch today!

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Softworks "What We Do" Video - Over 140,000 Views!

Posted by Eimear McCarthy on Thu, Aug 25, 2016

WOW - Our "What We Do" video has had over 140,000 views!

We are practically movie stars 🌟🏆🌟. We're Tickled Pink - Thank you all for watching :)

If you want to hear our story and you are not one of the 140,000 + people who have already watched our video, grab a cuppa and enjoy the show (well a two minute snoop around our offices!)


It's a quick and fun way to find out more about what we do here at Softworks.

Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can also keep up to date with Softworks by following us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

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National Leave Work Early Day – Will You Be Taking Part?

Posted by Eimear McCarthy on Thu, Jun 2, 2016


Who doesn’t dream of leaving the office early, especially with the glorious weather Ireland has been having lately. Observed each year on June 2, National Leave Work Early Day is an unofficial national holiday, which was created in 2004 by Employee Productivity Specialist, Laura Stack, who became concerned that employees in the US worked 49 hours a week on average.

On this day, upon completion of all the necessary days’ work and the approval from your manager, it is suggested that you can leave work early to enjoy the rest of your day and enjoy the sunshine or do some fun activities of your choosing. So, today is your lucky day! But what if you could be this lucky every day and leave work before 5pm? With flexible working, this dream can become a reality.

The current working arrangement in Softworks gives me the best of both worlds, doing a job I love and having the flexibility to start work between 8-10am and finish between 4:30-6:30pm.

Having the right work-life balance is increasingly important these days with more and more people finding that their working day is getting longer as businesses struggle to keep up with the demand for 24 hour services. Flexible working can help lead to a healthy work-life balance. The term work-life balance refers to a healthy balance between work and other aspects of our lives. Proactive work-life balance measures benefit not only for employee, but also employees. A poor balance between work commitments and their other responsibilities can lead to stress, high absence and low productivity. Flexible work schedules help spur the productivity of employees.

Flexible working can bring the following benefits to your company and employees:

  • Improved job satisfaction, morale, and productivity.
  • Increased energy and creativity and reduced levels of stress.
  • Better staff morale as they have greater job satisfaction.
  • Reduce the level of sickness within the company, and therefore reduce the costs of the associated absence.
  • Ability to attract and retain a more diversely skilled workforce and reduce recruitment costs.
  • Increased customer loyalty and customer satisfaction due to the lower staff turnover.
  • Improved balance of work and family life.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today for a free demo and find out how Softworks flexible working can benefit your employees and organisation.

Will you be leaving work early today to mark National Leave Work Early Day?

Download our free guide: How to Strategically Use Flexible Working Arrangements to Benefit your Business.

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It's Competition Time

Posted by Eimear McCarthy on Mon, Apr 18, 2016

It's CompetitionTime!!

To say a huge thank you for being so great, we are holding a competition this week to celebrate YOU!

We have a new member in the team, “Softworks Bear”. He is very cute but a bit shy and is currently hiding on our website so we need your help to find him.

Softworks_Bear.jpgSoftworks Bear - Find him on our website!

To enter, simply:

  • Find ‘Softworks Bear’ on our website (He’s blue – you can’t miss him!)
  • Once you find him, write which page he is on under this post
  • Like our Facebook page
  • Share with family/friends

The lucky winner will be chosen at random and announced on our Followers Appreciation Day, Friday April 22. The prize is a Softworks box full of lots of goodies :)

Best of luck everyone!

Enter our Competition

The competition is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to the lucky winner, Noreen Heffernan. 

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Softworks Christmas Competition

Posted by Eimear McCarthy on Thu, Dec 10, 2015


HO HO HOld on a minute – is that a crackin’ Christmas Hamper I see from SoftworksWe're after getting in to the Christmas spirit and we are feeling very generous!

Guess how many Softworks chocolates are in the vase and be in with a chance to win a fabulous Lindt chocolate and wine hamper from 

To enter, simply like our Facebook page and leave your answer in the comment section and don't forget to share the love by reposting the message.

The lucky winner will be announced on Thursday, December 17th.

Best of luck and Merry Christmas from all at Softworks :)


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Meet Softworks at the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas

Posted by Mairead Walsh on Mon, Oct 6, 2014

HR Technology Conference resized 600

Softworks are delighted to be exhibiting at the HR Technology Annual Conference & Exposition which is taking place this week in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.  We will be demonstrating Softworks Version 8, which is our latest and greatest product release! 

For over twenty years Softworks has been assisting companies around the world organize the working day in a way that makes them more productive, profitable and add value to their operations. 

Softworks Time and Attendance Solutions capture 100% of your organization's rules and work practices. The system encourages and enables the consistent adoption of company policy, protecting you from potential legal action on grounds of unfair treatment, breach of health & safety or entitlements not being granted.

Version 8, includes some nifty new features & functions including our unique email timesheets, allowing you to both receive and approve employee timesheets and clockcards via email alerts without even having to log in! 

If you are attending HR Technology this year, make sure you drop by booth #2154 and we will show you the features and functions within Softworks Version 8, that our customers say they just can't live without!


If you are not attending but would still like to find out more about how our solutions can assist you and your organization, schedule a live demo with us today. We will organize a time and day that suits you.

Schedule a Live Demo

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Simplifying Time & Attendance Management – Webinar

Posted by Triona Cahalane on Wed, Nov 27, 2013
Softworks Webinar

Why Softworks Customers Love Time & Attendance

Join Andrew Ferguson, Softworks CEO on 10th December at 11am GMT for a live 45 minute webinar on Softworks Top Features. Check out why Softworks customers enjoy (yes enjoy!) managing employee attendance, absenteeism, overtime, flexible working, scheduling, holiday leave, pay rules & policies, labour compliance and lots more....

Find out more about why Softworks Customers said:

  • "Installing Softworks has been a move out of the dark ages and into 21st Century" Heineken
  • "We wanted a system that would grow with us. Softworks was the right product at the right price, and it has definitely made us more efficient" Games Workshop
  • "It really is an excellent management tool and more importantly is very easy to use!" Teva Pharmaceuticals
  • "Everything is designed to make things as easy as possible for the customer" Jabil Circuit
Can't attend this day? Register anyway and we will send you on the recording

Register Now

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It’s beginning to feel a lot like..…...Movember!

Posted by Triona Cahalane on Wed, Nov 27, 2013

The Softworks office has gradually been getting hairier this month but all in the name of charity!  

Movember began back in 2003 and has become an excellent platform to raise awareness of men’s health. On the 1st of November each year, clean shaven men begin to grow their moustaches with the aim of developing awareness about prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues plus money raised goes towards men’s health programmes. Since 2003, over €328 million has been raised by over 3 million registered Mo’Bros and Sistas in 21 countries worldwide.

It’s a great cause and we’re delighted to be a part of it.


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The team that eats together stays together...!

Posted by Mairead Walsh on Thu, Sep 5, 2013

We've all heard the advice that the "Family that eats together stays together". The experts say it assists with bonding, communication, healthier eating habits and a time for learning. Being a mum, I totally get all this. I’ve been listening and heeding every bit of advice I’ve got from fellow parents, websites and the collection of books under my bed that I’ve assembled over the years.

But I never thought about how this could work in a work setting. Our support department however appear to be well up on the benefits. Meet Adam, he’s from Softworks Support, there he is cooking breakfast for the team on the Softworks balcony!

What a great way to start your workday with your colleagues……Anyone for a sausage…  :)


Adam on BBQ resized 600

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It’s just simple maths…don’t ignore it

Posted by Mairead Walsh on Tue, Jan 22, 2013


By Oliver Mitchell, ACA

It baffles me that despite all the talk across the globe in recent years of spending cuts, budget constraints, slimming margins and so on, that companies still neglect to consider the effect of properly managing their workforce. To those that have recognised this and are actively engaging in the effective management of their workforce, this blog may not be for you as you’ll have already seen the improvements in workflow processes, employee attendance and often staff morale amongst other things… although by reading on, you may just learn something new or simply reaffirm your decision to implement workforce management tools.

However, for those of you on the fence:

Here’s the simple part! By implementing effective workforce management software, you can determinably set about saving your business money, whether it’s by intelligent management of staffing requirement rosters or real-time monitoring of employee absenteeism and sick leave there is no denying that workforce management software can streamline processes and save time and money. For example, a simple 1% reduction in absenteeism levels in a company with 1,000 employees would purport to save in the region of €350,000 per year. Similarly, reducing overpayment errors by 15 minutes per employee would save approximately €1,000,000 a year. It’s worth pointing out that an effective and top end workforce management solution would only cost a fraction of this, resulting in real, measurable savings that can contribute straight to your bottom line margins.

Workforce Management Solutions

There are a number of other interesting workings and calculations that you can explore by downloading our free white paper ‘How efficiencies & consolidation could shave up to 5% off your payroll’ here

Of course, without the right tools in place, it’s impossible to accurately determine the level of payroll errors and over-staffing within your workplace. By selecting the right workforce management software, you can collate and strategically analyse all the relevant data to enable better decision making and ultimately, operate a more effective and efficient workforce.

Don’t sit on the fence any longer, get in touch with Softworks today to find out more

Thanks for reading!

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