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Posted by Jimmy English on Mon, Apr 24, 2017


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Following on from ‘National Get to Know Your Customers Day’ that took place last week we examine how workforce management systems are employed across many different industries and companies.

Softworks customers span all industries from Healthcare to Hospitality, and from Manufacturing to Retail. Particular industries will have specific individual workforce management needs. For example, our customers in the Healthcare industry benefit greatly from our eRostering and Scheduling tools, as they can plan for anticipated staff needs.

Below we take a closer look at the various industries that softworks serve, the companies in these industires and the workforce management solutions that these companies avail of.


Healthcare organisations typically require rostering software that can manage schedules across their entire employee landscape; from nurses and medics to ancillary support staff.  The Bon Secours Health System is one such of these Health Organisations. Bon Secours came to Softworks looking for an eRostering solution that would enable them to manage their complex rostering schedules and shift patterns. You can read more about their story here.


In order to effectively manage their workforce, manufacturing firms have the need to record, track and analyse employee time and attendance, planned and unplanned absences and manage HR processes. Aughnish Alumina,  Europe's largest alumina refinery approached Softworks to aid them in three key areas of Workforce Management: They needed full visibility of their workforce for key decision making, implementing a system that would integrate with their existing HR and Payroll systems  and Automation of all manual processes. Find out here how Softworks provided them with an inclusive workforce management system.


For large retailers such as our Customer Clas Ohlson, full employee visibility across all stores is vital. Softworks provided Clas Ohlson with easily adaptable and flexible scheduling solutions. Softworks provided Clas Ohlson with an automated system to manage employee time and attendance as well as scheduling. Additionally, Softworks delivered custom reporting tools for each individual store. Read more about the benefits of workforce management in retail here.


In the Hospitality industry, a major challenge facing management is the ever adapting staff requirement. The Druids Glen Resort needed a workforce management system that could automate manual tasks such as tracking employee attendance and managing planned and unplanned absences. They also required accuracy in the collection and reporting of hours worked for compliance and legislation purposes. You can find out how Softworks helped them achieve this here.

Softworks boasts a huge range of clients, from start ups to global corporations. How can Softworks help your business? Get in touch with our Team today about implementing our Workforce Management Solutions.

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Congratulations from all at Softworks to the K Club in Kildare

Posted by Mairead Walsh on Mon, Dec 2, 2013

Softworks were delighted to hear the news that the K Club in Co. Kildare has won the award for the world's Best Luxury Country House at the World Luxury Hotel Awards. The K Club have been a customer of Softworks Time & Attendance and Scheduling Software for many years.

This is a fantastic win for the hotel of a much coveted award. Over 1,000 hotels from 87 countries were nominated. Other global winners include world famous properties such as the Burj Al Arab, Dubai and The Harbour Grand in Hong Kong. Winners are purely judged on service delivery and effective management voted for by international tour operators, travel agents and hotel guests who get the opportunity to cast their valuable votes annually, making the process fair and unbiased.

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"This is great news and it's a further testament to the professionalism and dedication of our team and the commitment of our owner Dr Smurfit. We are really thrilled and honoured to receive this award and want to thank everyone who voted for us." said Michael Davern, CEO of the K Club.

The luxury hotel has won several other awards this year including 2013 Hospitality Ireland Best Wine Experience Award.

Softworks works with leading hotels around the world. Our Hospitality software solutions automate attendance and manpower planning processes, whilst managing and tracking holidays, absences, overtime, leave balances and complying with legislation.

Click here for more about how we assist the hospitality sector. 

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In Conversation with Trish Madden

Posted by Mairead Walsh on Tue, Feb 19, 2013

Trish Madden, SMH

This month we chatted with Trish Madden, IT Trainer in St Michael's HouseTrish is currently doing a Masters in eLearning in Dublin City University and has chosen Softworks as her subject.  We were very interested to find out more.  Here’s what Trish had to say;


Softworks: Can you tell us more about your studies?

Trish: I am currently in the final stages of completing a MSc. Programme in Education and Training Management - eLearning Stream in Dublin City University.  Prior to this I successfully completed a Degree in Education and Training. The programme has been designed to meet the needs of practitioners from across the education sectors as well as from corporate training, industry, governmental departments, and other state agencies.

Softworks: What does the course entail?

Trish:  The programme teaches you how to apply the key educational philosophies, theories of learning, reflective practices and their relationship with developments in eLearning. You learn how to reflect systematically on your work practice, while implementing informed action to bring about improvement. Furthermore, you learn how to understand the design, development, implementation and evaluation of eLearning in a variety of educational contexts.

Softworks: Why made you choose Softworks for your thesis?

Trish: I have been the IT trainer in St Michael's House for over five years and we use Softworks for Time & Attendance, Rostering and Absence Management.  St. Michael's House provides community-based services for people with an intellectual disability in Ireland. We provide a range of services to more than 1,600 children and adults with an intellectual disability in over 170 centres. We have approx. 200 centre/house supervisors using Softworks to create team rosters, provide clock details for payroll and enter absences for HR. Because our managers work 24/7 they could be using Softworks at any time of the day or night. My objective was to set up an eLearning programme for these managers so that they could access eLearning resources at any time of the day or night.

Softworks: Are you enjoying the course?

Trish: I love it, it’s the best course I have ever done!

Softworks: When will you complete your Masters?

Trish: All going well, I’ll be done and dusted on the 25th June 2013 and can get my life back :)

From all at Softworks, we thank Trish for taking the time to talk with us this month and we wish her the best with her Masters. 


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